Knives Out meets One of Us is Lying with a hint of the Inheritance Games. Like the original whodunnit, Clue, this suspenseful mystery also has multiple endings, explaining what could have happened.

They all have secrets. They all have motives. They all tell lies.

Every year, at a prestigious boarding school, Professor Groff hosts the Midnight Masquerade. But this year, before the festivities, he’s discovered dead in his office. Yet six students still receive invitations. The same six students who're questioned about his murder.

The show must go on. At the Masquerade, two additional students claim to know the truth. The lights go out and when they come back on, one of them is dead. Anyone could’ve been at fault.

Francisca blind in one eye and deadly on the rugby field. Toshi a number ninja and the campus punching bag. Taz who struggles with anxiety and lingers in the shadows. Fish the golden boy hiding wounds and not only in his heart. Caroline the heiress and the image of perfection. Gorgeous George the resident Greek God with nothing to lose.

The six receive anonymous notes, making them question themselves and the assumptions they’ve made about each other. Brought back together, they must prove their innocence before the all-school meeting the next morning, otherwise, they risk humiliation if their deepest secrets are exposed—and worse, if they’re found guilty.

It’s a long night of theft, danger, and threats by a secret society that shows Professor Groff was right during his final lecture.

Everything that can go wrong will.

A past secret. A present danger. A future forfeited.

Jane Swift is a seventeen-year-old with a fondness for historical romance and cryptograms. Raised by her brother, it was always them against the world. After he’s accused of vehicular homicide, it’s the world against them. Then she discovers her family’s secret fortune, changing everything.

Duke leads a double life. When a new girl arrives in town, she’s like a riddle he can’t solve, distracting him from the deadline he faces. If he’s not successful, it’s game over. But when their worlds collide, leading them to the campus of a prestigious boarding school, he’s ready to give it all up for her.

Lizzie Boots is on the run, surviving on thievery and trickery. Jane needs her help to solve a crime and claim her inheritance. She and Duke have a past, and unfortunately, doing the right thing means betrayal. Lucky for Lizzie, she’s not known for her honesty and would prefer notoriety, whatever the cost.

Jack had a choice to make: protect his sister or lose everything. As she digs for clues, she comes too close to the truth, putting her in danger. No stranger to deception and subterfuge, he’s forced to put Jane in the middle of the Old Guard Games—an annual event by the campus secret society—to save her.

Solving a murder isn’t as easy as piecing together a puzzle, but their lives depend on it.

This is book two in the High School Murder Mystery series. The three stories share a world and are best read in order to avoid minor spoilers, however. Great for fans of Karen McManus’s, Two Can Keep a Secret and Holly Jackson’s, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Read this fast-paced, mystery-thriller filled with twists and turns today.

There are three rules: Never get caught. Never admit to anything. Never make a promise.

Penny Goldfeather is the exact opposite of her sister and this time, she messed up badly. She’s not like other girls, and being caught shoplifting is the least of her problems when her father sends her to boarding school. There, she meets an unlikely band of her favorite kind of misfits.

Queenie, the girl who plays many roles and blends in seamlessly—the insider.
Neda, the kind of person who knows everyone and has dirt on them, just in case—the fixer.
Howard, the budding tech-genius protégé who learned to hack into Dartmont’s mainframe—the intelligence.
Dresden, the brother of her English teacher and boy-racer who disobeys speed limits—the driver.
And of course, Julian—the muscle...the hottie...the one who makes Penny realize love is one con she can’t pull.

When the school hosts a rare piece of art, the temptation is too great—it’s the exact item that will get Penny out of trouble with her business associates...and save a life.

As the team tries to avoid the attention of the authorities, they embark upon a wild game of give and take, bluffs and blunders, and twists and turns. Though it seemed like the perfect plan, the theft only leads to more questions and the school is at the center, making them wonder who the real thief is.

Before graduation, Penny and her gang will have to break every rule to get answers...and stay alive.

This is the final installment of the High School Murder Mystery series. The books don't have to be read in order, but doing so will enrich and deepen the experience. Great for fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society.

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